About Us


Idaho Veneer Company is now FSC certified (read more)

We built our mill here in Idaho a half-century ago for a very good reason – this is the nation’s best source of Idaho White Pine. With its durability, finer grain, less pitch and tighter knots, this is the wood all others are judged by.

As the industry’s Idaho White Pine Specialists, we craft a consistent supply of this remarkable species. We also cut a variety of other species to fit the needs of the discriminating builder and craftsmen.

Our production includes selective supply and constant log yard rotation, yielding boards with pleasing knot structures and less stain.

Our scientific manufacturing process measures drying time and moisture content precisely for each piece of wood we cut. We keep our sorts to a minimum to preserve the quality of the wood.

And when it comes to filling orders, we can’t be beat. We take pride in our progressive and dynamic approach. At Idaho Veneer, we make it happen!

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