Idaho White Pine

Sterling IWP: 1 x 4

Idaho White Pine is a straight-grained, soft and even-textured wood.

It is light in color, varying from nearly white to pale, reddish brown. Color is uniform across the heartwood and sapwood. Knots occur in a radial pattern. Resin content is the lowest of the pines and resistance to decay is the highest - making Idaho White Pine an excellent choice for exterior trim applications.

Sterling is our most popular grade, used heavily in exterior applications such as Cape Cod architecture. It is also intended for use in housing and light construction where it is exposed, creating paneling, shelving and other finishes where a knotty lumber with fine appearance is required. Knots can easily be sealed for painting, making Sterling an excellent grade for siding, cornice soffits, fascia and other exterior uses. Pattern is another popular application of this grade.

Lumber definitions courtesy of Western Wood Products Association -
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