V.G. Clear Idaho White Pine

"A" Grade, PM

Just how good is Idaho White Pine? If you set out to design the perfect veneer, this would be the one. Clean, pleasing appearance, perfect stain-ability and ease of use make this wood the superior choice.

Beauty and function combine gracefully in the whitest of the pines, allowing any stain to show true. Naturally low resin provides the best bleed-through resistance, the most even stain and paint quality, and the greatest ease of manufacturing. The days of clogging yourequipment are over!

The Clear variety comes from larger trees, creating veneer without knots. The look is similar to and often interchangeable with Clear Ponderosa Pine and Clear Sugar Pine.

The most common applications are in windows and mouldings, but this wood provides an outstanding finish for any job.

Lumber definitions courtesy of Western Wood Products Association - www.wwpa.org
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